This is a site for Gary’s photos, that’s me in the photos above, but I didn’t take most those, but I took the rest of the photos on this site.

This is a gallery of photos but it’s not galleries of photos (from a particular trip or anything), no particular subject. I’ve been taking a lot of Detroit-area photos lately so I’ll start there, I’m sure I’ll post some Costa Rica photos and other places. Plus, I’ve been taking a lot with my iPhone 4s (and previously my iPhone 4) so I’ll be labeling the type of camera too.

How did this site get it’s name? Well, was taken and so was so I was running through the options but not trying to make to long of a web address. I was thinking of how I could incorporate a “G” from Gary into it. I realized it’s not as common, but GH has an PH / F sound in words like lauGH and touGH so I came up with which is pronounced like the word “photos”. I’m not sold on the capitalization yet, but I’ll take suggestions…

They all sound the same, right?

By: Gary

Oct 20 2011


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