This was one morning when we were out exploring the Packard Plant in Detroit. This is a huge automotive plant that closed over fifty years ago. Some portions were used after that by other companies but I dot think this building had been used for a while. There’s graffiti everywhere around there and it’s just falling apart everywhere. There are railroad tracks not far back that run parallel to that back wall (with all the windows), the tracks were actually where I was heading to get some photos when I took this shot.

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  1. Looks like what I remember of Detroit. Only been there once, and I was amazed at how barren a lot of it was. Whole streets still boarded up since the 60’s, I’m told.
    Powerful photo, very editorial.

  2. This is probably THE most run down dilapidated part of town. They stopped using this factory to make the Packard almost 50 years ago.

    I should post some sunny happy thriving areas of town too!!! We really do have lots of those.

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